This selection of projects demonstrates the breadth of skills available from Whitelamp as well as our ability to take on complete end-to-end projects or deliver time-critical trouble-shooting. Some of our work is covered by NDAs or is part of a private network so for those projects we are unable to provide links; sorry.

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[ Note that the demo linked above is an implementation for a touchscreen kiosk running Firefox 3.0 in full-screen mode and should be viewed in that browser. ]
Originally developed for an ethnological museum in a major European city, emBox is professional network-based e-media archiving software that deploys a web browser for both staff management of the archive and the public kiosk access points.

  • Any media type (types/files extensions/HTML can all be defined)
  • Scanning/cataloguing of electronic media from multiple logical drives
  • Sophisticated meta-data management to create the following features
  • Genres, types, subtypes in full hierarchical definitions
  • Contributors with dates and locations
  • Unlimited user-defined data collecting relationships
  • Media scene construction for building e-tours
  • Kiosk key-strokes give an interface option for a matrixed input device
  • Licenses available for supported code agreement or lifetime purchase with optional support agreements
  • Uses Internet Code Engine™ as its core technology


Also powered by Internet Code Engine™, this independent record label employs many standard features including accounts, stock control and shopping catalogue tool sets. Additional custom components were created for handling music specific data and and public catalogue browsing modified accordingly. The payment system is Paypal. The design was provided by the client.
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"A Major PC Retailer"

Whitelamp provided specialist consultancy to a web development company, implementing the "find nearest store from postcode" feature.

"A National Brewery"

For the Intranet site of this nationally known brewery, we worked on PDF generation. Pub landlords can enter the appropriate details to customise banners, menus and so on; the resulting PDFs are emailed to the printer's.


Magpies 2001, a Cambridge Sunday league football team (sponsored by Whitelamp) desired a full football stats package for retaining permanent records and for display on a web site of their own design. This package was contructed as a custom Internet Code Engine™ tool set along with tools for client web page creation using pre-defined templates. The site uses both the generic Internet Code Engine™ Content Management and Bespoke Content Management. This site is an entertaining example of data-driven web site technology.
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This site is a promotional and perview tool for a company producing wedding videos. It utilises the Internet Code Engine™ web document management and media gallery components for providing company information, trailers and private previews for clients.
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This photography site demonstrates Internet Code Engine™'s media gallery manager. It is powered by an off-the-shelf Internet Code Engine™ system provided with configuration and a budget web design with the graphics provided by the client.
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The web site of Cambridge Violin Makers, this has recently been upgraded to an Internet Code Engine™ system in order to automate changes to course schedules and fees. Although little of the Internet Code Engine™ core system is being used, its installation was justified because of the ease of introducing such bolt-on features. Of special interest to the customer was Internet Code Engine™'s built-in website visitor statistics.
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And more...

That's not all. Amongst other things we've got experience of working with other languages and other payment systems; integrating with off-the-shelf Java applications; and multi-media delivery.

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