Payment Systems

Payment Systems Specialist Consultancy

We have considerable experience working with third party payment providers, such as SagePay (Protx), Worldpay, Paypal, Google Checkout and so on. We provide both support to website owners and specialist consultancy to other developers, assisting them with the process of integrating their site with their choice of payment provider.

Choosing a provider

SagePay, Worldpay, Paypal, Google Checkout, SecureTrading... the choice seems to be endless and bewildering. We can help identify the most suitable payment processor for your particular market niche.

Integration and Implementation

If you need help or support integrating or implementing your payment processing system, you've come to the right place. We have experience with almost all the market leaders, and we've worked with a fair number of the more obscure systems. We've learnt how to find the relevant information in a big stack of confusing documentation, and we know how to take the example code (which is frequently buggy or inefficient!) and adapt it to your situation. Although we are PHP / MySQL specialists we can work in other languages too - ASP, Python, Ruby, etc. Talking of other languages, we've done gateways for non-English-speaking systems, e.g. PayEx (Norway), Sistema 4B (Spain).


Got problems with your payment system integration? Shopping cart software not talking to your credit card processor? We may well already know the answer - if not, our experience of many different systems will allow us to quickly help you get your e-commerce site or on-line shop up and running.

WordPress e-Commerce

We have particular experience of working with payment systems within WordPress e-Commerce.

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